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MINIROS has organized an event devoted to the evaluation of the transformation project TEAMEX 2 (Transformation through the commitment and Alignment of Miniros towards the Path of Excellence, which isphase II initiated more than 5 months ago with DELTALOG). The assessment of the increase in the skills of the various stakeholders and the profit obtained by the various projects (10 structuring projects), the recognition of the efforts and the commitment of the teams to an approach of group synergy and management by project,were high on the agenda.


This first event was held in the morning of July 11, 2019. Among the attendees,

other than the executives and employees of Miniros in the project:

Mr. Abdelaziz Baslimane Founder of MINIROS, Mr. Babaci Said CEO of DELTALOG -Supporting agency and partner of Miniros- Mr. ZEGHBA M’hamed President of Mezghen CCI of the excecutives of Khraiciamunicipality- Mr. OurahmounToufik Manager of BLUE PLAST (supplier)- Mr. Ouled Daoud MhamedManager of OB PLATS (supplier)- Mr. ChaibedrataniNacereddine Manager of BATIFIX (supplier).

In the dynamic of a projectExcellence,Miniros has agreed to open its doors in order to share its experience with other companies: Bessa Promotion and LD-Pharma. The event, marked by a very friendly atmosphere, was opened by an address given by Mr. YoucefBaslimane CEO of MINIROS in which he insisted on the commitment of all in the development of the human component of the company.
“The needs and expectations expressed by our employees through the various exchanges during our Transformation project (TEAMEX) made us realize that we had to put our employees at the

center of our concerns and among our top priorities.” -Y. Baslimane, taken from his opening speech.

The presentations of the reports of 9 improvement projects (PDCA or DMAIC), including 5 finished in 4 months, showed the determination and the commitment of MINIROS executives in the path of Excellence to carry their company even further and ensure its sustainability. A big Bravo for all.

Mr. BaslimaneYoucef CEO and Ms. Baslimane Hind Director of the ProjectTEAMEX in particular.


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