The preparation of the supports to be painted is an essential step to obtain a perfect finish and a guaranteed durability of the applied paints. While this step is long and tedious, but the end result is still a success in terms of finish, appearance and strength.
On the other hand, a poor preparation leads to irregularities in the paint, uneven hues, lumps and extra thicknesses of paint and certainly peeling of the paint.

Cleaning a support, filling holes, repairing cracks, treating surfaces degraded by humidity, applying a bottom-fixing agent, leveling with finishing coats and laying an underlay, all these operations that the professional never neglect.
To do this, he needs the right tools.
MINIROS launched in 2013 a catalog rich in preparation tools developed according to the needs and requirements of the hundreds of professional painters that it assists in building sites or trains within its itinerant Training Centers. For four years, the quality of these tools has largely contributed to the quality of the work of their users.
Today MINIROS has improved its range of preparation tools and has expanded it with new tools more adapted to new needs:
- Preparation of plasterboard supports
- Finishing of projected coatings
- Coating facades in monolayer coatings.
For this goal, the tooling range now includes, in addition to coating and painter blades, large-format smoothing blades, trowels for single-ply coatings, American plasterboard blades and finally large blades for smoothing projected coatings.
This range of tools is complemented by a range of useful accessories for the professional painter such as paint trays, poles, supports for smoothing blades and mixing turbines.







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