For several years now, MINIROS has been present on the construction sites and in vocational training schools in order to be as close as possible to the painters, thanks to its technical sales staff and experts in painting and decoration. This program provides technical assistance and training on methods of painting application and control the selection and use of appropriate tools.

LeThe professional painters, met on the sites, are recorded in the files of MINIROS for the follow-up of their management in terms of communication. Those who are motivated to learn more about tools and paints are enrolled in the training program awarded at MINIROS centers

In these centers, several training sessions are destined to:


  • Resellers: for the mastery of sales techniques and presentation of MINIROS products to clients, preparation and coloring of paints, the use of catalogs and explanation to professionals of any detail or information concerning the tools and paintings.


  1. Prescribers (architects, decorators): to acquire the necessary knowledge of classical and decorative paints and coatings, their field of application, the phases of their application, their compositions and their physical and chemical characteristics, their performance and Their decorative possibilities.

The result of the achievable effects, and finally the regulations in force regarding the finishing coatings in order to introduce them in an optimal way in their architectural project and their specifications.



You are a painter and you practice this occupation as a professional, develop your knowledge and your abilities to choose suitable solutions, products and tools for the realization of your works and your projects of painting and decoration.


All you need to do is::


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