Emission “لقاء مع مستثمر ” – episode 04 – Chaîne Hoggar tv


The facade

The majority of facades are made of concrete or masonry walls, most often covered with cement plaster. These parts, exposed to bad weather (air, rain, temperature variations, sun, etc.), are treated with appropriate products which, on the one hand, protect them and reinforce their resistance to climatic constraints and on the other hand, give them the desired decorative and aesthetic appearance.
To do this, several solutions are offered by the manufacturers, ranging from mineral and organic paints to thick waterproofing coatings and decorative coatings. Each proposed product requires different processing and supports preparation solutions as well as adequate tools.
In the video opposite, a wide range of tools is offered to professionals to enable them to apply any product intended for facades.
On the other hand, you can follow and appreciate the application of an external coating (to be waxed or varnished), which protects the walls and gives a concrete with several possible effects : iron, floated, sandstone, bonded or striated.

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