Deco+ Roller New concept


The professional painter and decorator is always looking for perform well paint rollers having:

  • A solid and reliable mechanism, the roller is fluid and turns in perfect balance
  • A suitable fiber for the paint used, so specialized and highly technical rollers,
  • A perfect rendering, unsurprising, constant and especially as even after several uses.

This quest has a common goal among all painters: the best quality of application in a minimum of time.

Déco +, which is constantly present in paint sellers and on building sites, knows how to anticipate the needs of painters by apprehending their work habits, this is how new products are born.

The same applies the new range of rollers, restricted to 5 necessary and sufficient products:

Water-based lacquer, solvent-based lacquer, refurbisher, microfibre and plasterboard rollers.

These rollers, tested by professionals, have given high level results as well in terms of comfort and ergonomics, as in terms of quality of application. Added to that a very competitive price.

Download the leaflet of the new Déco + rollers.

by Gest catalogue

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