On the occasion of the Amazigh New Year 2970, we wish all Algerians a happy and prosperous year, and we send you our best wishes for happiness, peace and prosperity.
We would like to express our thanks to you for the trust you have placed in us and we promise to continue our commitment to satisfy you.

Happy Independence Day


July 5, celebration of the independence of our dear Algeria, an opportunity to remember together our history, the history of an entire people who rose up and fought to overcome the scourge of colonialism andsnatch its freedom.

A freedom entrusted to courageous, ambitious, and

mobilized youth to give our Algeria its true place in the world.

On this occasion, MINIROS wishes Algerians a happy celebration.

Together for a digitalsolution of excellence


Dear partners

MINIROS supports and sponsors an initiative launched by its partner INKIDIA.

It is a contest aimed at supporting the September 2020 BAC & BEM exam candidates to help them resume their preparation and regain self-confidence during the COVID-19 crisis.

This contest (Moalim4Exams) is a useful and

fun way to help children and parents through the first 100% Algerian e-education portal, using artificial intelligence:

Free registration

We encourage you to give your employees this opportunity to register their children.

●Facebook Page « obac.algerie »
● Instagram INKIDIA : obac_algerie
● Email Address
● Tel : 023 602 813 /  0559 69 62 37


Happy birthday to our dear ABDELAZIZ BASLIMANE

baslimane abdelaziz

During Mr. Abdelaziz Baslimane’s last visit to the Khraicia factory, he told us with great emotion: “I am proud and reassured to see the improvements in the quality of the paint application products and services that we offer to our customers as well as the high level of skills of the collaborators, that is the very vision I had when I started in 1971 ”

On this first of January 2020, coinciding with the birthday of our dear Abdelaziz Baslimane, Founder of MINIROS, we wish him the best and thank him for this precious gift.

Minirospraises performance and honors its employees


MINIROS has organized an event devoted to the evaluation of the transformation project TEAMEX 2 (Transformation through the commitment and Alignment of Miniros towards the Path of Excellence, which isphase II initiated more than 5 months ago with DELTALOG). The assessment of the increase in the skills of the various stakeholders and the profit obtained by the various projects (10 structuring projects), the recognition of the efforts and the commitment of the teams to an approach of group synergy and management by project,were high on the agenda.

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It is with honor that MINIROS contributes to the citizen actions of “Art is Public” for cleaning, painting and decorating the neighborhoods of Algiers in the same way as all the people we met today at the Boulevard Ourida Meddad.

The sharing and the conviviality of which we have been today the accomplice and the witness, we will always be ready to relive them and to perpetuate them beside present and future volunteers because the naturalness that we discovered among all these people is compatible with the values of our company.

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