Acknowledgment and thanks on the occasion of international workers day


The key success factor for a business is its human capital.

MINIROS has placed the development and growth of its workforce at the center of its concerns, it has become a strategic challenge experienced on a daily basis.

At MINIROS, we have understood that the development, competitiveness and sustainability of the company are deeply linked to the personal and professional development of human resources, it is only on this path that the company can become productive, creative and enterprising.

It is also in this perspective that MINIROS launched three years ago, its vast transformation program based mainly on continuous improvement projects intended primarily for the development of men and women of all structures. We want our employees to be aware of their value within the company and the role they play in it, so the company decided to offer them real development prospects.

If MINIROS wants to be a company with a vision, values, positive culture, and ambitions, it also hopes that its employees take initiatives and work independently with full confidence of the Management.

At MINIROS, we want to put in place, through improvement projects, a modern managementbased on participation and the recognition of individual efforts, a management that relies on communication and consultation, continuous improvement, learning as well as personal development, a management whose excellence is the driving force of every day.

We also want the “new” manager to offer consideration and gratitude to each employee,ensure the cohesion of his team and develop the internal image of the company. We want a manager who gives constructive “feedback” to his employees and who helps in the progress and the creation of an environment favorable to transparency and openness.

Through all this we hope that the MINIROS players develop a feeling of pride and become the ambassadors and spokespersons of their company.

On this day of May 1st, I wish to acknowledge the efforts made by all the employees and to thank you for your commitment in the edification of MINIROS of tomorrow.

I wish you and your loved ones good health in these difficult times that Algeria and the whole world are going through.


by Gest catalogue

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