Among the new MINIROS products, launched in 2019, there are the Deco + paint rollers and mini rollers.

These application tools have been developed thanks to the collaboration of the professionals we meet on construction sites and during our training sessions.

They were designed to meet new needs in painting work: water lacquers and alkyds, acrylic paints on plasterboard and hydropliolites.

Brahim, professional painter in Aghribs, wilaya of TiziOuzou, has already chosen these successful rollers recently put on the market, he visited us today at Batimatec to announce his positive feedback. We are satisfied that our solutions can collaborate in the development of the profession of the painter and we are counting on your opinion to evolve

Thank you to all the visitors who have honoured us with their presence at our stand at the Safex Central Pavilion.

by Gest catalogue

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